Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Our cup is half full of 2011 goodness!

Don't forget to fill the rest of the cup with the frothy sweet nectar that is the head of all things excellent. As we get into the grind of the summer time laziness, be sure to support your favorite baseball team... only 983.5 more games to go this year!!

On that note, MLB should be split into two seasons. Outdoor League and Indoor League. Summer and Fall, you play outdoor... play about 2/5 of the normal amount of games you play in a season, and have one less round of playoff ball for the Summer Series. Repeat the process for Winter and Spring for the indoor league.
Games are worth more value, so players try harder. Players can play for a team during Outdoor league, and a different team for Indoor... so super stars get to travel more across the country to play. Games don't have to be 7 games in 7 days either... come on... we know it's not stressful but too much of a good thing = bad thing?

Chew on that while I roll my hot dogs on the grill. Brown them. Not blacken.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whatever you do....

...don't play in the BBT5 (see link on the right). The buy-ins are cheap, the prizes are great, and the upcoming TOC is giving away over $50,000 in prizes, including three WSOP Main-event buy-ins with hotel included.

I can't stress enough how much you should not play in any of the qualifying events... The Mookie on Wednesdays... The Poker from the Rail on Mondays... even though most of the players have donkey names, they actually know a little something about the game.

Again, whatever you do... don't play in the BBT5.

p.s. This is a self-serving post in order to limit the amount of players in these events so I actually have a chance to win. I mean... one win for a $11 buy-in and you could win a $12,000 package. Going once... going twice... sold!


Monday, December 21, 2009

"Do you know what fore-play is?" 'No." "Good, neither does El Guapo."

Another Christmas season comes upon us and it finally feels like it's here. I guess the 18 inches of snow really changed my mood. Friday, just one week before X-mas, I still didn't have the mood in me even after buying the tree and getting it ready for decorating. Only now, Monday, 3 days before xmas eve, do I actually feel like it's Christmas.

Ski Patrol starts for me tonight, which means I get to ski on my unwaxed, unsharpened skis because I was procrastinating once again and didn't get them tuned up. I did try though, and when I walked in and told them I needed them within the week, they just laughed at me. Luckily it's only a 3-hour shift tonight, but I still won't be able to get them done before my first weekend shift next Saturday because the shop will be closed on X-mas.

Now, I am re-hanging the banister Christmas lights because my first quick attempt was to simply twist them around the railing... but that didn't work out so well because the aren't just one string of lights, they are connected on both ends to actually create a loop... it's like two strings of lights tied together at the ends. It really limits my options.

Time for some lunch. And with that, comes the conclusion to "The Three Amigos." I enjoy my afternoon movies and my internet updates on Mondays. Today is like my Saturday.

Happy Holidays to all, except to those I don't like... but they don't read this anyway.

Friday, September 18, 2009

"I swear officer, it wasn't me in her bushes!"

Says the reformed binocular stalker of Blue Bell....

Would the statement read any different if it said "the bushes."

I'm thinking that the majority of us don't say enough things that could be taken the wrong way. Sure there's some backpedaling so you can explain yourself.. but isn't that worth the discomfort of your listeners? I say so.

So I got these knew contacts today. The doc was great... walked in, he blew air in my eye, made me read letters on a wall that I couldn't read... it was super. Then he says, "your eyes moved a quarter of a point, not bad for your first prescription change."

So I have them in today... and I can't see shit. hey guess what doc? My eyes didn't move a quarter of a point. Luckily I didn't blindly order the new prescription or that would have been 6 months of turn-missing and curb-hopping that my new LuckTruck tires don't deserve. So now I have to go back and see if he'll write me the right rx so I can actually see again. Guess that'll teach me to go to Walmart for a Drs appointment.

(no, i really didn't go to walmart)

Friday, June 12, 2009

borgata blogging...

follow along on

it's a truckload of fun down here... you should all be here with me.

Monday, May 25, 2009

It's almost been a month...

I guess I should post again.

Holidays come, holidays go. It seems that all I do is plan my work schedule around holidays, without actually taking time to DO something on the holidays. I end up working the holidays anyway as most of the customers have the time to sit around and send their emails to our customer service section during their holiday breaks. Which means those emails need to be answered asap considering the events they need info on is only 6 days away. I consider it to be like retail. When everyone else is relaxing, I'm working.

Birthday weekend is coming up. Another backyard BBQ (scheduled around work, lol) for 40 of my closest. Good grillin', good drinkin', good friends. Hopefully we can get the slip and slide set up again and the weather holds up for us. Nothing like drunk 30 something's diving down a slip and slide at 2am.

Borgata Poker Open coming soon. We have a bunch of RPT'ers playing again. Probably the most we've ever had. I'll be down there on some Mon's and Fri's doing some work, so I'll be posting some updates on our players in the RPT Forum. We also have a player heading out to Vegas for the $2500 buy in event in 2 weeks at the WSOP. Best of luck Shawn, we'll be rooting you on from 2500 miles away.

Everyone enjoy yourselves and be safe over the holiday weekends. Don't hurt yourselves.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Boy oh boy... and girl...

Just passing along the best wishes to all my friends from years gone by (and by that I mean the fantastic days of high school that no one wanted to be in and everyone wishes they could all go back).

My friends Tom and Erin just had their first baby this past week, a girl named Lillian Elizabeth,
Jason and Jenn had their little boy the prior week, Bennett Alexander (his initials are B.A.R... superb!),
Kerrie and Stephen had their second child the prior week as well (I feel bar because I forgot his name... I was at a beer festival when I heard the news... don't hate),
and Jon and Michelle had their first boy back on Nov 4th... William Paul.

Congrats to all of my friends with new additions and best of luck to all those with expecting additions.

Bar hopping has now been replaced with season passes to Sesame Place. shrug.