Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July

Our cup is half full of 2011 goodness!

Don't forget to fill the rest of the cup with the frothy sweet nectar that is the head of all things excellent. As we get into the grind of the summer time laziness, be sure to support your favorite baseball team... only 983.5 more games to go this year!!

On that note, MLB should be split into two seasons. Outdoor League and Indoor League. Summer and Fall, you play outdoor... play about 2/5 of the normal amount of games you play in a season, and have one less round of playoff ball for the Summer Series. Repeat the process for Winter and Spring for the indoor league.
Games are worth more value, so players try harder. Players can play for a team during Outdoor league, and a different team for Indoor... so super stars get to travel more across the country to play. Games don't have to be 7 games in 7 days either... come on... we know it's not stressful but too much of a good thing = bad thing?

Chew on that while I roll my hot dogs on the grill. Brown them. Not blacken.