Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whatever you do....

...don't play in the BBT5 (see link on the right). The buy-ins are cheap, the prizes are great, and the upcoming TOC is giving away over $50,000 in prizes, including three WSOP Main-event buy-ins with hotel included.

I can't stress enough how much you should not play in any of the qualifying events... The Mookie on Wednesdays... The Poker from the Rail on Mondays... even though most of the players have donkey names, they actually know a little something about the game.

Again, whatever you do... don't play in the BBT5.

p.s. This is a self-serving post in order to limit the amount of players in these events so I actually have a chance to win. I mean... one win for a $11 buy-in and you could win a $12,000 package. Going once... going twice... sold!