Monday, May 25, 2009

It's almost been a month...

I guess I should post again.

Holidays come, holidays go. It seems that all I do is plan my work schedule around holidays, without actually taking time to DO something on the holidays. I end up working the holidays anyway as most of the customers have the time to sit around and send their emails to our customer service section during their holiday breaks. Which means those emails need to be answered asap considering the events they need info on is only 6 days away. I consider it to be like retail. When everyone else is relaxing, I'm working.

Birthday weekend is coming up. Another backyard BBQ (scheduled around work, lol) for 40 of my closest. Good grillin', good drinkin', good friends. Hopefully we can get the slip and slide set up again and the weather holds up for us. Nothing like drunk 30 something's diving down a slip and slide at 2am.

Borgata Poker Open coming soon. We have a bunch of RPT'ers playing again. Probably the most we've ever had. I'll be down there on some Mon's and Fri's doing some work, so I'll be posting some updates on our players in the RPT Forum. We also have a player heading out to Vegas for the $2500 buy in event in 2 weeks at the WSOP. Best of luck Shawn, we'll be rooting you on from 2500 miles away.

Everyone enjoy yourselves and be safe over the holiday weekends. Don't hurt yourselves.

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