Friday, September 18, 2009

"I swear officer, it wasn't me in her bushes!"

Says the reformed binocular stalker of Blue Bell....

Would the statement read any different if it said "the bushes."

I'm thinking that the majority of us don't say enough things that could be taken the wrong way. Sure there's some backpedaling so you can explain yourself.. but isn't that worth the discomfort of your listeners? I say so.

So I got these knew contacts today. The doc was great... walked in, he blew air in my eye, made me read letters on a wall that I couldn't read... it was super. Then he says, "your eyes moved a quarter of a point, not bad for your first prescription change."

So I have them in today... and I can't see shit. hey guess what doc? My eyes didn't move a quarter of a point. Luckily I didn't blindly order the new prescription or that would have been 6 months of turn-missing and curb-hopping that my new LuckTruck tires don't deserve. So now I have to go back and see if he'll write me the right rx so I can actually see again. Guess that'll teach me to go to Walmart for a Drs appointment.

(no, i really didn't go to walmart)